Residential House Painting

Interior House Painting 

I am here to support you through every step, starting from choosing your colours to paint finishes for each room. Depending on the room you would like to decorate, different rooms in the home may require specialised paint. 

Surface preparation is essential for a good quality surface for decorating. I provide vacuum sanding for walls, woodwork and ceilings to prevent dust and mess spreading in the home. Vacuum sanding is the perfect solution for your woodwork, as it will revive the woodwork which could save you money on hiring a builder/carpenter. 

Exterior House Painting 

Protecting your home from the outside is just as important as protecting it from the inside. Colour selection for your exterior is limited but I can guide you on what paints should go on what surfaces as well as the amount of paint needed. 

The best and safest times to paint the outside is between April and October, as these months offer better weather for the paints to dry out. 

Rental Painting and Decorating 

I offer quick turnarounds to get your rental properties in Harrogate and surrounding areas back on the market and ready in time for new tenants. 

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